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Announcing the Workforce Almanac Survey

We are excited to announce the launch of our first Workforce Almanac Survey!

The Almanac survey will gather a sample of detailed data from Workforce Development Organizations across the United States. The purpose is to better understand some of the features, characteristics, and benchmarks of the Workforce Development Sector.

Through survey techniques, we hope to learn about aspects of the Workforce Development Sector not yet covered by existing data sources, including programs' models and pedagogy, leadership demographics, learner demographics, outcome measures, research practices, wrap-around services, and if/how program success is currently being tracked.

This survey draws on a random sampling population technique to collect generalizable insights about the Workforce Development Sector in the United States. This means that the organizations we are reaching out to interview were randomly drawn from a broader population frame of tens of thousands of Workforce Development Organizations.

If you or your organization received an email from our team, please join us! We are looking forward to learning from your experiences!

You can learn more about the Almanac Survey here and about the Workforce Almanac project more broadly here.

The Workforce Almanac Survey Team

David Deming | Principal Investigator

Peter Blair | Advisor

Joseph Fuller | Advisor

Robert Schwartz | Advisor

Rachel Lipson | Director

Tessa Forshaw | Research Lead

Nathalie Gazzaneo | Research Fellow

Austin Batson | Research Assistant

Andrew Epifanio | Research Assistant

Anna Guadarrama | Research Assistant

Cara Mattaliano | Research Assistant

Dimitrios Asproulis | Research Assistant

Eric Brown | Research Assistant

Janellie Salcedo | Operations

Krizia Lopez | Research Assistant

Victoria Klimova | Research Assistant

Willvia François | Research Assistant

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