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Increasing Competition in the Labor Market (NYTimes)

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For his research on racial pay gaps and occupational licensing, the Project on Workforce's Dr. Peter Blair was featured in this New York Times article about the recent executive order on workforce practices.

"This week, the White House is planning to release an executive order focused on competition policy. People familiar with the order say one section has several provisions aimed at increasing competition in the labor market.

The order will encourage the Federal Trade Commission to ban or limit noncompete agreements, which employers have increasingly used in recent years to try to hamper workers’ ability to quit for a better job. It encourages the F.T.C. to ban “unnecessary” occupational licensing restrictions, which can make finding new work harder, especially across state lines. And it encourages the F.T.C. and Justice Department to further restrict the ability of employers to share information on worker pay in ways that might amount to collusion."


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