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Student Engagement: Study Group, Seminar Series & Fellowship Program


The Project on Workforce at Harvard hosts a cross-university study group that brings together a diverse group of students across different Harvard schools to discuss and collaborate on applied projects tackling some of the key issues at the intersection of education, business, technology, and labor market policy. The study group features interactive learning sessions led by each of the faculty co-chairs of the Project Workforce, as well as guests from business, public policy, government, technology, and education. Participating study group members also contribute to cross-school group projects with partner organizations. The study group provides the opportunity to meet students and Professors across different parts of Harvard who are thinking about the future of work, how it intersects with the dual pandemics of COVID-19 and systemic racism, and to collectively weigh some of the big questions facing society that inevitably cross sectors and disciplines.

View our 2020-2021 Future of Work study group members here

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Interested in learning more or getting involved? Contact us at fowstudygroup@hks.harvard.edu


In the Summer of 2020, the Project on Workforce created its first-ever cross-school and cross-disciplinary fellowship program. The initiative brought together masters candidates and recent graduates from the Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Business School, and the Harvard Graduate School of Education to support the Greater Boston region’s workforce and skilling ecosystem in responding to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis. We are entering Year 3 of our summer fellowships, now partnering with a set of leading organizations and agencies across the US.

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Interested in learning more or question? Contact us at projectonworkforce@hks.harvard.edu


The Project on Workforce at Harvard also hosts a cross-university study fireside chat series that brings in leading thinkers and doers from the field to engage with members of the Harvard community across schools and disciplines.

Past speakers have included:

  • Responding to the Future of Work: Entrepreneurial Approaches - Rya Conrad-Bradshaw, Senior Director, Grads of Life; Paymon Rouhanifard, Co-founder and CEO, Propel America, Matt Delaney, Co-Founder, Covalent Networks

  • The Policy Challenge of Artificial Intelligence - James Bessen, Professor and Director Technology & Policy Research Initiative, Boston University

  • Economic Dignity - Gene Sperling, Former Chair of the National Economic Council

  • Fireside Chat on the Future of Work - Maria Flynn, President and CEO, Jobs for the Future

  • COVID-19 and the Future of Work in Massachusetts- Michael Kennealy, Secretary, Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development

  • Community Colleges and the Future of the Workforce - Dr. Pam Eddinger, President, Bunker Hill Community College

  • Good Jobs in a Bad Economy: Big Data Insights for Driving Opportunity & Equity in a New Landscape of Opportunity - Matt Sigelman, CEO, Burning Glass Technologies

  • Human Work in the Age of Machines - Jamie Merisotis, President and CEO, Lumina Foundation