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The Reskilling Lab at HBS is looking for a postdoc

Faculty Co-director, Raffaella Sadun, and Jorge Tamayo are hiring a postdoc for The Reskilling Lab at Harvard Business School. The work involves studying training (and in particular reskilling programs), using surveys, admin data and experiments.

"The Digital, Data, and Design (D^3) Institute at Harvard is accepting applications for multiple postdoctoral fellows for academic year 2023-2024 to work on research activities at our research labs. D^3 launched in the summer of 2022 with 12 labs working on research at the intersection of academia and practice. For more information on D^3, please visit

The postdoctoral fellows will work under the direct supervision of faculty Principal Investigators and the Senior Associate Director, Lab Operations. They will work closely with the lab manager and research associate(s) at each lab. D^3 is looking for candidates with diverse backgrounds and/or new perspectives. There are no teaching requirements for these open positions.

The Digital Reskilling Lab, led by Professors Raffaella Sadun and Jorge Tamayo, is seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow. The mission of the Digital Reskilling Lab is to conduct research on workplace initiatives aimed at retraining and reskilling employees, whose jobs are being replaced by digital technologies. The Lab partners with organizations to test the feasibility, scalability, and effectiveness of different approaches to the skills challenge. An ideal candidate will be interested in conducting cutting edge research on reskilling initiatives, comfortable with advanced econometric techniques based on large datasets, and managing a team of research assistants."

Read more and apply:

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