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We're hiring a Research Project Manager

Please help us find our next Research Project Manager by sharing this webpage.

Job Description

The Research Project Manager will work directly with the Project on Workforce's Co-Directors to support the Project's mission, goals, and agenda. This person will support multiple research projects by managing timelines and teams of Research Assistants, supporting research, writing, editing, and fact-checking, and supporting events and convenings. They will also be responsible for managing student engagement activities, including the Cross-Harvard Study Group on the Future of Work.

  • Manage multiple research projects, including timelines, team meetings, and overseeing the work of Research Assistants

  • Manage the Project on Workforce’s student engagement activities (including the study group and fellowships)

  • Draft and edit practitioner-facing white papers and reports

  • Conduct cleaning, statistical analysis, and visualization of data for research projects

  • Conduct interviews, surveys and other qualitative data gathering activities to support research

  • Design and support convenings and events with key stakeholders

  • Support the implementation of research strategies to achieve the goals of Project on Workforce initiatives

  • Support communications and outreach for dissemination of Project on Workforce initiatives

  • Support the Project on Workforce’s strategic planning activities (including faculty retreats and monthly meetings)

Basic Qualifications

5+ years of previous work experience, which may include experience in public policy, research, politics, technology, education, journalism, consulting, or a related field.


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