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In the age of AI, we need a system of career navigation for all


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"The United States is in the midst of major job disruption driven by the rise of generative artificial intelligence. Widespread labor market restructuring and potential worker displacement will place a new onus on this country, while creating opportunity: either we can be at the vanguard of the AI revolution and leverage technological transformation to build a more equitable economy, or ride the wave created by the actions of the emerging technological oligopoly.

Generative AI offers the means to radically improve the economic prospects of millions of marginalized Americans. But, seizing that opportunity requires building a system of career navigation that enables all workers and learners to adapt as the ground beneath them shifts — particularly individuals of color and those from low-income communities. Such a system would enable individuals to acquire accurate information, make personally relevant career plans, and integrate education, training, and work experiences to advance along fulfilling, good-paying career paths."


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