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Join Us: Opportunities with the Project on Workforce

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Find the latest engagement opportunities for Harvard students below. We encourage you to sign up for the latest on our work and new opportunities here:


Research Assistantships

The Project on Workforce welcomes current Harvard students interested in Spring 2024 Research Assistant opportunities to learn more about current projects and submit a general application here.

Student Research Assistants will contribute to cutting-edge research and policy on the future of work, education and skills, and labor markets and employment. The Project is recruiting Research Assistants for 2024. Positions will be filled on an ongoing basis. As opportunities become available, interested and well-qualified candidates from the applicant pool will be contacted with more information about the roles and opportunities to interview.

These are paid opportunities. Pay will be consistent with the HKS Research Assistant scale, based on educational experience. Time commitment is typically 5 to 10 hours per week, but varies by position. Find more information and submit an application here.

Future of Work Study Group

Applications are now closed and will reopen Fall '24

The Project on Workforce at Harvard hosts a cross-university study group in the Spring Semester that brings together a diverse group of students across different Harvard schools to discuss some of the key issues at the intersection of education, business, technology, and labor market policy.

The study group features interactive learning sessions as well as guests from business, public policy, government, technology, and education.

Study group members have the opportunity to meet students and Professors across different parts of Harvard who are thinking about the future of work and to collectively weigh some of the big questions facing society that inevitably cross sectors and disciplines. Find more information here.


Get updates on our work and new opportunities as they arise:


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