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News and opinion on education, economics, and the future of work from David Deming.

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Forked Lightning is a new Substack newsletter by Faculty Co-Director, David Deming, which features news and opinion on education, economics, and the future of work.

"I used to write for the New York Times Economic View, a feature in the Sunday business section that brought an economist’s perspective to certain issues (other columnists included Susan Dynarski, Austan Goolsbee, Richard Thaler, Justin Wolfers, Seema Jayachandran, and others – you should check them out, they were really good!)

Then the NYT canceled the Economic View column because it blurred the line between news and opinion (a story for another day). Since then, I’ve been searching for another way to communicate important ideas from my academic work to a broader audience. This newsletter is my best attempt. I will give you my honest read of the evidence on certain topics. But I’ll also offer my perspective. News and opinion – two great tastes that taste great together (it’s a very bad sign when a commercial you remember fondly from your childhood is described as “vintage”)."

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