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[Panel] Working to Learn: Education-to-Employment in America

In this virtual event hosted by Harvard and New Profit (video above), the authors of a new report by Harvard’s Interdisciplinary Project on Workforce walk through insights into the state of education-to-employment pathways in America.

A panel discusses how we can better deliver on the promise of innovation in the education-to-employment system – focused on identifying key takeaways for funders, business leaders, policymakers, and practitioners invested in catalyzing systemic and sustainable innovation in this sector.

Panelists include:

  • Rachel Lipson, Director of the Harvard Project on Workforce

  • Abby Snay, Deputy Secretary for the Future of Work, ‎California Labor & Workforce Development Agency

  • Joseph Fuller, Professor Of Management Practice and Co-Director of the Managing the Future of Work Project at Harvard Business School

  • Michael Ellison, Founder & CEO,

  • Patti Constantakis, Director, Corporate Philanthropy at

Read the report here, or view the presentation slides.


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