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Podcast: Managing the Future of Work

Joseph Fuller, Harvard Professor. Managing the Future of Work

Project on Workforce Harvard Business School Faculty Lead Joseph Fuller co-hosts a podcast with Professor Bill Kerr and talks to leaders grappling with the forces reshaping the nature of work.

Most Recent Episodes

Past Episodes

  • Is survival on the post-Covid menu for restaurants?

  • IBM P-TECH and SkillsBuild: Narrow the skills gap, broaden opportunity

  • Community colleges: AACC head Walter Bumphus on adversity and opportunity

  • Chattanooga bridges the digital divide to make online learning more equitable

  • How San Antonio's Project Quest facilitates upward mobility

  • MFW guest appearance: Joe Fuller on Braintrust's "The Way Work Should Work"

  • How brain games and AI can improve HR

  • MFW guest appearance: Joe Fuller on Behind Bundle

  • How Covid and BLM strengthen the case for shoring up historically Black colleges

  • Braintrust takes aim at the gig platform middleman

  • Cybersecurity for the post-Covid new normal of work

  • Google expands college-alternative tech skills training

  • How Guild democratizes employer-sponsored education benefits

  • Covid-19 Dispatch: Todd Oldham

  • Covid-19 Dispatch: Louis Gagnon

  • Tightrope: Working-class despair and the seeds of hope

  • Covid-19 Dispatch: John Pepper

  • Beyond family leave: How help with caregiving benefits workers and employers

  • Covid-19 Dispatch: Stephen Kramer

  • Covid -19 Dispatch: Dan Springer

  • How the next recovery can revive upward mobility

  • Covid-19 Dispatch: John Barry

  • Covid-19 Dispatch: Hayden Brown

  • Covid-19 Dispatch: People + Work Connect

  • Covid-19 Dispatch: Craig Malloy

  • Covid-19 Dispatch: Barry Schuler

  • Covid-19 Dispatch: Taso Du Val

  • Covid-19 Dispatch: Sham Kakade

  • Covid-19 Dispatch: Kent Thiry

  • Covid-19 Dispatch: Irfhan Rawji

  • Jobcase: Shared opportunities, collective voice

  • The Purple Campaign and Vault: Taking on workplace sexual harassment post-#MeToo

  • Beyond tax breaks and subsidies: Virginia's Amazon gambit

  • Unpacking Amazon's workforce development strategy

  • Crisis reporting from the front lines of technology and employment

  • How AI shifts enterprise decision-making into self-driving mode

  • Prudential's long position on skills: fostering careers while embracing automation

  • Factories without walls: How Autodesk is redesigning the work of architecture, construction, and manufacturing

  • Werk-ing the angles: how mapping work to real life can boost productivity

  • Aspen's playbook for linking talent ecosystems and the jobs environment

  • Handy's CEO clears up the gig economy

  • How carefully managed career restarts can benefit individuals and employers

  • Advanced placement at work: a 21st Century apprenticeship model for the US

  • From gig to gig: Thumbtack's CEO on the challenges facing contract workers

  • How edX is redesigning learning for the future

  • How Goldman Sachs is using technology to redefine banking

  • AI and the value of expertise

  • Speaking the language of skills

  • Passion, purpose, and plan: Guiding students toward success at work

  • Bridging the employer-educator divide

  • Ep 12: Why employers should care about care

  • Ep 11: High school to JP Morgan in seven seconds: How businesses gain an edge by providing ladders of opportunity

  • Ep 6: From hot dogs to helicopters, the Golden Triangle's workforce transformation

  • Ep 5: Big-game fishing in rural Mississippi: Attracting employers to the Golden Triangle

  • The Caring Company


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