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The College-to-Jobs Initiative: Exploring the intersection of higher education and the workforce

The C2J Map visualizes data on colleges and employment; Our C2J Playbook reviews programs that connect college students to good jobs. Visit the official College-to-Jobs hub:


Higher education is at an inflection point. As student debt mounts, the public is becoming increasingly skeptical of the value of college. What can colleges do to better connect their students to the workforce?

The College-to-Jobs Initiative addresses the misalignment between higher education and employment in the US. We highlight ways to improve student connections to the workforce, with a focus on public two- and four-year colleges, HBCUs, and MSIs.

The College-to-Jobs Map visualizes data on colleges, economic mobility and graduation rates, job postings, and employment in one place, allowing users to explore how local worker trends align with college graduate growth in regions around the country.

The Map is coupled with our College-to-Jobs Playbook, a paper reviewing the research and practice of programs that connect college students to good jobs.


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