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We thank Bob Schwartz for his leadership at the Project on Workforce

Bob Schwartz, Harvard Professor

The Project on Workforce celebrates co-founder and senior advisor Bob Schwartz as he begins his well-deserved retirement. The Project is a testament to his unwavering devotion to education and ability to drive change and inspire generations of leaders. As a founding leader of the Project on Workforce, Bob brought unparalleled experience and expertise–developed over a distinguished career as an educator, policymaker, nonprofit leader, and author of field-shaping scholarship. Bob is a staunch champion of community colleges and career pathways–and he leaves behind a community of students, scholars, educators, and leaders who are better equipped to address the nation’s challenges due to his mentorship and guidance. His wisdom has served as a cornerstone for the work, and we will continue to call on him for his sage advice.

Learn more about Bob's latest book, co-authored with Rachel Lipson, America’s Hidden Economic Engines: How Community Colleges Can Drive Shared Prosperity.


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