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The Workforce Almanac Data Portal: Mapping the workforce development sector

The Almanac is an interactive directory offering a comprehensive view of ~17,000 workforce training providers across the United States.

The Almanac is for policymakers, employers, training providers, practitioners, and researchers who are interested in increasing quality and equity in workforce training pathways.

The Workforce Almanac is a first-of-its-kind initiative that aims to help us move away from a siloed conception of workforce development training provision and towards a new, integrated idea of the sector that puts the worker front and center.

In this first iteration of the Workforce Almanac, we have mapped almost 17,000 providers of workforce training, which we have defined as short-term (lasting less than two years), post-high school training opportunities in which learners gain work-relevant skills to help them find a job.

Using our data portal, you can see how these workforce training providers are spread geographically across the US, and view their names, addresses, and types. Find the Data Portal at


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