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Workforce Training Programs Need Employers at the Table [Governing]

"Two-thirds of Americans over 25 don't have a bachelor’s degree or higher. A Harvard study uncovers inconsistent efforts to give these workers skills for economic mobility and calls for improving the problem.

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The Project on Workforce's Research agenda and Working to Learn research are featured in a new piece by, focused on state and local policymakers.

"The Project on Workforce is a collaborative effort between the Harvard Kennedy School's Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy, the Harvard Business School Managing the Future of Work Project and the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

“We’ve been focused on catalyzing and producing basic academic research as well as applied research, to create better feedback loops between practitioners in business, government, policy and education,” says Lipson.

In a conversation with Governing about Working to Learn, Lipson discussed its implications for state and local government officials."


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