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Skillbase is a learning resource aggregator for job seekers, an initiative of the Project on Workforce at Harvard University. Across the U.S., staff at employment centers, training providers, and community-based organizations use Skillbase to help job seekers find work and build skills for their careers. 

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We aggregate online  foundational skills resources. We’ve tested hundreds of websites, apps, and online platforms to guide you to the best tools to find work, and succeed in it.


Skillbase is run by a team of Harvard students, graduates, and faculty with experience in education, technology, business, and job training.

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Whether it's job interview prep, improving professional vocabulary, or building computer skills, we’ve got you covered.

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Introduce your team to Skillbase with our walk-through orientation slides.  


Learn about how we collaborate with career centers in Massachusetts and other organizations.

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Over 180 practitioners attended our free Community of Practice workshop series in March.


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Professional Development

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How do Career Coaches use Skillbase with the job seekers?

What does collaboration with Skillbase look like?

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Can I use Skillbase immediately without becoming a collaborator?

Does Skillbase create or own the content featured on the site?

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