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Finding it hard to get a new job? Robot recruiters might be to blame

Companies are using AI technology to review applications, but mistakes are common – can you boost your chances?

The Guardian features Joseph Fuller's research on 'Hidden Workers' and how robot recruiters may be to blame for overlooking qualified job candidates.

Here are some tips on how to write a resume in the age of AI:

• "Instead of trying to stand out, make your resume machine-readable: no images, no special characters such as ampersands or tildes. Use the most common template. Use short, crisp sentences – declarative and quantitative, said Ian Siegel, CEO of the job platform ZipRecruiter.

• List licenses and certifications on your resume.

• Make sure your resume matches the keywords in the job description and compare your resume to the job description using online resume scanners to see if you are a match for the role.

•For entry-level and administrative jobs, consider stating that you are competent in Microsoft office suite applications even if it’s not in the job description, said Harvard Business School professor Joseph Fuller."

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