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Governors & State Workforce Systems: Building More Inclusive and Prosperous Economies

The Project on Workforce is conducting a joint research project with the National Governors Association to investigate how Governors are leading their state workforce systems to build more inclusive and prosperous economies. 

Governors have substantial authority over workforce development under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and related statutes, but surprisingly little is known about how they’re executing those powers. Through qualitative interviews and surveys of Governors’ workforce advisors, we will uncover how they are:

  • Developing state workforce strategies.

  • Directing funds to meet workforce needs. 

  • Ensuring program and service quality.

  • Promoting coordination with the postsecondary and economic development systems.

  • Leveraging new federal funding streams, like CHIPS, IRA and IIJA to meet workforce needs.

Stay tuned by following our newsletter and LinkedIn page as we share insights, promising practices, and policy recommendations over the next year. We thank Strada Education Foundation for their support of this work.

Project on Workforce Team

Joe Fuller

Kerry McKittrick

Nathalie Gazzaneo

Ariel Higuchi

National Governors Association Team

Jack Porter 

Sophia Yager 

Jordan Morang

Malena Dailey


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