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Student Engagement: The 2021-2022 Cross-Harvard Study Group on the Future of Work

In the Spring of 2022, the study group will bring together a diverse cross-section of students from Harvard Business School, Harvard Kennedy School, and the Harvard Graduate School of Education to bridge traditional silos and build a more equitable and inclusive workplace for all by:

  • Creating a setting to share and discuss knowledge about the most relevant issues at the intersection of education, business, technology and labor market policy

  • Fostering connections and community across Harvard schools, students, and faculty

  • Providing meaningful opportunities to work on projects and research in the field

Applications are due January 7. Reach out to with any questions.

On Wednesday November 10 at 6 pm, the Project on Workforce hosted an information session where students could learn how to get involved and hear from leading faculty (Professors Bob Schwartz, David Deming, Joe Fuller, and Peter Blair) about their research in this space. See below for the recording


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