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Webinar: The College-to-Jobs Initiative Launch

This is a recording from our April 25th webinar, where we discuss our findings on the College-to-Jobs pipeline. Visit our webinar Linkedin post for comments from participants.

Higher education is at an inflection point. Colleges are being called upon to evaluate—and improve—the economic outcomes of their students, particularly Black, Latinx, and Indigenous students who have been underserved by the higher education system. It’s time to address a key question: How can we better align education and work?

This month, the Project on Workforce at Harvard launched the College-to-Jobs Initiative to shed light on this question, releasing a new data tool that compares regional job growth to college graduate growth, pulling together public data and job postings data from Lightcast to create the most comprehensive picture of the regional college-to-jobs ecosystem to date. The data tool is accompanied by the College-to-Jobs Playbook, a detailed analysis of programs and policies that connect college students to good jobs.


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